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Learn about healthy eating habits and the science behind your food with best in class Nutrition Courses in Chandigarh from Austrane.

Diploma in nutrition & Diet planning

Introduction to Nutrition Science:

Definition of term Food, Nutrition, Nutrients, Dietetics, Balance diet, Health, Energy, Adequate nutrition, Optimal nutrition, Malnutrition, Under/ Over nutrition.

Nutritional Biochemistry

Types of nutrients- Macro-nutrients (Carbohydrates, Fat & Protein) and Micro-nutrients (Vitamins & Minerals), Physiological, Psychological and Social functions of food.

Food Guides: Basic 5 Food Groups

1. Cereals & Grains
2. Pulses & Legumes
3. Milk & Meat Products
4. Fruits & Vegetables
5. Fats & Sugars.

Planning of Balanced diet with use of 5 Food groups.

Human Physiology: Use of Food in Human Body

The Process of Digestion, Absorption, Transportation and Utilisation of Macro- nutrients & Micro- nutrients.

Interrelation Between Nutrition & Health.

Introduction to Dietitian

Role of Dietitian, Difference between Dietitian and Nutritionist, Diet Planning, Basic Diet Planning Principles, Using Dietary Recommendations Plan a menu.

Advance Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

All About Nutrition Science

Basic terms, Food components (Macro & Micro- nutrients), Body processes (Digestion, Absorption & Transportation), Food groups, Food Pyramids, Balanced diet, Concept of diet therapy and role of dietician.

Food Guides for Selecting Adequate Diet

Introduction to RDA Dietary Recommendations, Use of Food Labels to Plan Menu, Diet in Fever, Diet in Gastro-intestinal Tract Disease, Diet in Liver & Kidney Problems,  Diet in Metabolic Disorder, Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease.

Diet Therapy

To Cover Therapeutic Modifications of the Normal Diet,

Diet in Weight Imbalance, Obesity, Under-weight, Cause, Risk factors, Dietary treatments, Diet for Slimming Therapy, Relationship between beauty and diet.

Introduction to Meal Management

Menu Planning- Importance, Types and step of Diet Planning, Nutrition in Pregnancy, Nutrition during Lactation, Nutrition during Infancy, Nutrition during Childhood, Nutrition during Adolescence

Recent Concepts in Food Science

Effect of cooking & heat processing on nutritive value of food, Organic food, Food-fortification, Genetically modified food, Current scenario of diet and stress.

Course in Sports & Nutrition

Human Nutrition and Metabolism

Energy requirement of different Age-groups, Food sources that provide energy, BMR affecting factors.

Human Nutrition and Metabolism

Energy requirement of different Age-groups, Food sources that provide energy, BMR affecting factors.

Nutrition in Sports and Exercise

Nutrition for Sports Fitness, Role of Macro-nutrients

(Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins) and Micro-nutrients (Minerals & Vitamins), Role of Water/Electrolytes.

Nutrition Recommendation for Sports Person

Nutrition requirements before Exercise, During exercise and After Exercise, Types of Physical Activities, Physiological Changes During Exercise.

Recovery Enhancement

Food Medicine, Dehydration and Thermal Process, Factors effecting Nutritional Needs, Body Building Supplements for Sports Person.

Diet Planning and Prescription

Diet Chart according to BMR, Selection of Food According to Nutrient Requirements.

Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Nutrition & Dietetics

Introduction to Basic Components of Ayurveda

Brief History, Features, Different Branches of Ayurveda and Philosophy of Ayurveda, Concept of Agni (digestive fire) and Ama (biological toxins).

Fundamental Principles of Ayurvedic Dietetics

Ayurvedic Physio-pathology, Pre- clinical components of Ayurveda (Pharmaceuticals in ayurveda with emphasis on dietary recipes).

Clinical Components of Ayurveda

Self health care of various body parts with ayurvedic methods including information of Panchakarma, Rasayana and Vajikarma, Care of infant and Child, Knowledge of Samskara.

Different kind of healthy food according to Ayurveda

Ayurvedic cooking, Knowledge about Indian herbs & spices, Ayurvedic Nutrition & diet management, Diet & Food according to six healing taste.

Concept of Disease in Ayurveda

Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis, Digestive Problems, Respiratory Problems, Liver & kidney diseases.

Self Healing Deities Course

  • Types of meal and their Nutrients.
  • What kind of healthy food to eat.
  • Interrelationship between nutrition & health.
  • Visible symptoms of good health.
  • Importance of Macro and Micro- nutrients in food.
  • Convenience food- Processed food, Ready to eat foods.
  • Food during Pregnancy.
  • Food for Infancy & during childhood.
  • Nutrition for old age.
  • Planning for balanced diet.
  • Selection of right food.
  • Impact of food on body Processes.

Certificate Course for Nutrition
(For Hair, Nail and Skin)

  • Anatomy of hair, nail, skin.
  • Common disease of hair, nail and skin.
  • Dietary requirement for hair, nail and skin.
  • Role of macro & micro- nutrients.
  • Diet plan for hair care, nail care and skin care.
  • Energy metabolism- Role of water in hair, nail and skin.

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