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Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management - Austrane

Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Hospitality and Tourism

The hospitality and travel industries are growing very rapidly. Tourism and hospitality are co-related and grouped together as a single industry. However these both hospitality and tourism industries are viewed as two individual sectors. Becoming a part of a rapidly growing industry means that you will not be wanting for work. There are hundreds of positions nationwide that are open to those who are willing to put in the work. New positions are created and on offer all the time in hospitality management, so you will find that you are hardly ever wanting for work in this industry.

Austrane prepare their students to work in one of the world’s largest and most future-proof industries, teaching them how to understand and respectfully interact with people from other cultures, as well as How to lead a team with many diverse personality types and activities to deepen students’ understanding. Furthermore, students should be able to problem-solving and decision-making skills through these activities.

You can be part of an incredibly exciting industry and You’ll learn vital skills.

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What do you Study in Hospitality and Tourism Management?


Introduction to Hospitality, should enhance students’ understanding of the dynamic nature, characteristics, career prospect of the tourism and hospitality industry. Relationship between the Hospitality Industry and Tourism. Students should be able to develop inquiry, problem-solving and decision-making skills through these activities.

Students will learn about operations, divisions, departments, modes hospitality of  management, implementation of resources, materials, equipment, technology, front office department duties and responsibilities. In operations management, their role is to handle different strategic problems. Other operational responsibilities include inventory levels management, raw material acquisition, materials handling, quality control, and work-in-process levels.

Students will learn; food and beverage services, operations, design and layout. This course will develop the skills and knowledge required for the effective service of food and beverage in a commercial environment. It will cover the requirements of the entire service period, from preparation and set-up to the end of service, including the accurate processing and reconciliation of guest accounts. Students will develop their knowledge of the principles behind the matching of food menu items with beverages, and will understand the compliance responsibilities associated with the services.

Types of food contamination, food safety and handling process and under food safety, What are the key elements of food safety. Personal Hygiene and fire safety.

What is Front Office Department?

Students will learn; Front office introduction, structure, communication and SOPs. Basic responsibilities of front office department, front office duties, front office operations, back-house operations, guest cycle, arrival, occupancy and departure etc. Front Office Management – Terminology.

Content includes; Explain the importance of customer service, the characteristics of exceptional customer service and its benefits, how the quality of customer service differentiates a destination, how to recover from service failure and  how social media impacts customer service delivery etc.

If you look presentable, confident and professional; You have already made a positive statement in front of your employer with your personality.

We teaches students how they can groom their personality and what are the elements that should be kept in mind while going for professional meeting, interview etc.

Students also learn: Various Makeup Techniques, Skin Care, Dental Care, BMI, Positive Body Posture, Formal Attire, body language posture and proximity etc. Grooming and  body language is extremely important to make a good first impression. Therefore, we have designed this course very closely so that hospitality and travel sector related to grooming can be fulfilled.

Build your hospitality knowledge while mastering English, the world’s most widely spoken language. Our academic programs are taught in English, International Language.

Course is designed to help you master the English language through classroom teaching, engaging workshops and role-play. The programs focuses on teaching you both general English language and key hospitality industry terminology, while also enhancing your international cultural awareness. Course content includes: General English,  Grammar and Writing, Speaking etc.

Students will learn; Factors that motivate people to travel, traditional and niche tourism,  basic of tourism management,  type of tourism, tourism terminology, factors affecting & demand of tourism, Maslow’s pyramid of motivation, model of behavior, destination awareness and tools for destination management so on.

Types and Factors of Tourism, Tourism Impacts, Trends and Future. students’ enhance the understanding of the dynamic nature, characteristics, career prospect of the tourism industry. Relationship between the Hospitality Industry and Tourism. Students should be able to develop inquiry, problem-solving and decision-making skills through these activities.

Students will learn; Destination Awareness, Milieus of Tourism, Tools and Destination Management.

Introduction of Global Distribution System, Benefits of (Hotel) using Global Distribution System, Costs of Using a Global Distribution System and major Global Distribution System?

The Austrane International Institute provides international level training. Modern classroom and very highly efficient faculties. International experienced background of the faculties.The trainers of the institute are very good and enlightening. Classes are held regularly from Monday to Friday. The institute provided me with placement assistance after training. I got a job at the hotel “Premier Inn”. Joining Austrane for hospitality management was the best decision of my life.

Gurleen Kaur

The days at Austrane have been the best days of my life. I changed my personality, boosted my confidence and improved my communication skills. Thanks to my institute, my directors and a wonderful team of faculty who guided and trained me so well. I am working in the international arena. In my dream country ”Canada”.

Sunny Bajwa

A smiling personality, a financially independent girl from Seerwala, a small town in Punjab, this would never have been possible if I had not joined Austrane.
Thank you Austrane and my counselor and our trainer without whom I could never be the person who is now a role model for many in her village.

Jaspreet Romana Sr Associate

Best Air Hostess Academy in Chandigarh. Great study environment. Here, I further improved my personality, beliefs and communication. Austrane provided placement assistance when I completed my course. I did my first interview. Clear up and got a job at Emirates Airlines.

Kuldeep Kaur Cabin Crew

Austrane International Institute gave me the confidence and knowledge which is imperative to be financially independent. It’s due to right decision of Joining Austrane that now I am working with an industry that is a perfect blend of glamour, name, fame and money.
When I go to my village it’s so enriching a moment to experience when people come to my parents and say that they want their wards to be like me.
Actually I am what I’m due to my Institute. Thank You so much Team Austrane.

Gaurav Sharma Operations Manager

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